Journey with Beatitudes Missions to encounter Christ in the Middle East!

For years, the community in Lebanon has hosted pilgrimages and service immersions for young Europeans. With the economic crisis and the disaster relief work, they need our help! 

The Beatitudes in Lebanon

The Community of the Beatitudes was founded in Lebanon in the early '80s. The community built its residence, a retreat center, and a church overlooking the Mediterranean, one hour from Beirut. The four priests, three religious sisters, and two consecrated lay sisters collaborate with a movement of young lay associates in ministries of evangelization, formation, healing, garden chores, and disaster relief. Most members and friends know English, however among themselves, the members pray in and speak Arabic and French. 

A Typical Week


Days will involve service, liturgies, meals and talks with the community and an hour of adoration. Fr. Joseph Karam, director of the mission, will coordinate several excursions for pilgrimage, manual service, recreation, and encounters with people and culture.



4-Month Fall Immersion

  • August 12-21 Orientation in Denver

  • Aug 22-Sept 20 in France

    • Young Adult Conference

    • Pilgrimage to Lourdes

    • Service/Formation/Evangelization

  • Sept 20-Dec 18 in Lebanon

  • More details here!

3-Month Spring Immersion

  • February-April, 2022

3-week mission, Summer 2022:

  • July 2 - 24

  • A week of service/prayer at the Community house

  • A week-long backpacking trip with Swiss and Lebanese young adults

  • Possible extended stay

   More details here!



$2900 for 3 week mission trip

$4500 for 3 month Immersion

$5800 for 4-month Immersion with France


This includes travel insurance and overseas airfare, and does not include your round-trip to Denver.

Security and Safety

Community members or friends will pick up the young Americans at the airport and take them directly to the community. Day-to-day security risks in Lebanon are probably not worse than in Europe, despite the history of warfare and the difficult economic situation. However, click here what the U.S. Embassy reports.