Journey with Beatitudes Missions to encounter Christ in the Holy Land!

Students and young adults, come hike along the Lord's path of Providence. With each day centered on personal and community prayer, we follow Christ, encounter his People, seek steps of freedom in finding and responding to the Lord's call. 

We lead many trips and immersions each year. See the buttons below for dates and costs. 

Experience the richness of Faith in the Holy Land

Dive into your faith like never before by spending time in prayer, living in intentional community, visiting Holy Sites, participating in the sacraments, and encountering the Eastern Rites of the Church, even celebrating Divine Liturgy

Let yourself be captivated by the beauty of creation


Contemplate the breathtaking masterpiece of the Divine Artist as you trek through the desert, wade in the Sea of Galilee, feel the wind from the top of Mount Tabor, and plunge into the Mediterranean Sea. 

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Encounter Christ on the road less traveled

Leave behind comfort, carry everything on your back, and trust in the Lord's providence as you hike and camp throughout the Holy Land. Discover the reality that "pilgrimage is praying with your feet."

Connect with the Jewish Roots of Christianity

Pray in synagogues, celebrate Shabbat in Jewish homes, worship by the Western Wall, and study Scripture with a Rabbi to experience Jewish roots of the Faith.


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Engage with Modern Israel

Learn your way around the Jewish markets, float in the Dead Sea, meander through the diverse streets of Jerusalem and Hebron, witness to Arabic-speaking Byzantine young people, explore the Holocaust Museum, listen to St. Pau's mission on the Mediterranean shores...

Serve with a Catholic religious community 

Live alongside brothers, sisters, and lay members of the Community of the Beatitudes at the Holy Site of Emmaus where tasks can range from manual labor to working at the Holy Site gift shop to cooking, cleaning, and more! Some extenions open the way to volunteer at the Hebrew-Speaking Parish daycare for refugee children in Jerusalem or to take retreat with the monastic Sisters of Bethlehem.