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for lebanon

in the face of the explosion, the conflict with israel, and the economic and political crisis
Beatitudes Missions has now sent four different teams to Lebanon to support the mission house that was founded in Lebanon in the early '80s.
The community built its residence, a retreat center, and a church overlooking the Mediterranean, one hour from Beirut. The three priests, sisters, and families, and movement of young lay associates persevere against all odds in ministries of evangelization, formation, healing, garden chores, and disaster relief. 

you've helped us go solar! ​

Here is a presentation of our mission and the solar project that our gifts helped to fund. The project is now functional, changing drastically the monthly finances of the house. We are no longer dependent on petrol, nor on the costly and instable public electricity that only arrives randomly for a few hours each day. The community in Lebanon is seeking $30,000 more to complete the installation and fund the coming years of maintenance. 
Please consider joining us! We'd love to take time to Zoom and answer your questions and know more about what kind of mission you seek to support! 
May the Lord bless you!
The Beatitudes Missions Team
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