Man cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself.              

Gaudium et Spes, 24

Let the Lord challenge your faithfulness to daily prayer and Liturgy, your charity in intentional community and manual service, your Gospel witness through encounters during our travels and through hospitality in-house and at our holy site, a country where Christians are 1.5% of the population! Come out of yourself, ready to learnSpirituality, Theological Anthropology, discernment, Judaism, Eastern Christianity, Hebrew and French language. Get to know religious life from the inside, through an experience with the Community of the Beatitudes and other communities.

When & Where?

  • Sept-Nov: a team of 7 young people in Israel led by religious and lay members of the community 

  • Spring 2-3 month immersions in Israel

  • Feb-April team in France

  • Case-by-case immersions in France, Switzerland, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Peru...   


     Possible Extension opportunities

              Additional immersions/missions

              USA retreats and campus missions



  • Each participant seeks benefactors to raise $3500-$6000 depending on the immersion

  • Includes flights, travel insurance, room and board, and spending money

Apply for scholarship here, or look into our interview retreats for a greater chance of scholarship!



Participate in daily Eucharist, chanted Liturgy of the Hours, Byzantine Divine Liturgy, and Lectio Divina. Grow in relationship with the Lord through adoration, charismatic praise, Marian Consecration, and times of silent prayer.


Begin with orientation in our Denver community and at our mountain prayer cabins. Learn through formation talks, directed reading of books and articles, formation films, spiritual direction, lessons and practices of Hebrew and French, and study sessions with guest rabbis. Also embrace the opportunity to go on pilgrimage with us. 

Communion and Mission

Participate in community meals, manual chores, group sharing, spiritual direction, roommates, hiking, and Sunday night films. While at Emmaus, welcome pilgrims, Israelis, and Muslims to the holy site, and assist with catechesis. In Jerusalem, Galilee, and other cities in Israel, meet, dialogue, and witness with a variety of local people. 

Quick question?

Text: 720.336.1492

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