Our team

Fr. Nilson

Hello, I am Fr. Nilson! After 21 years in France, 4 in Italy, 2 in Africa, and a few months in Vietnam I am now in Denver, CO discovering the beauty of America! I never thought I would be so involved in this mission, but It is wonderful to see that Christ unites us despite our differences. Finally, the Community of the Beatitudes in the Church is like a family, where I feel at home everywhere. Beatitudes Missions offers the possibility to “taste” the universality of our Faith. In times past when I have left for a new country with fears and my limits, the Lord has always sustained me with his grace and given me his peace. So, I continually surrender myself to Him.

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Sr. Helene

Assistant Director

I am a French member of the Community of the Beatitudes and have lived in Denver for 5 years. Before Denver, I had a rich missionary experience in various countries, and I'm eager to share my faith with as many people as I can. I feel in many people a great thirst for God that they try to fill with the wrong things, and I want to help people drink from the living water Jesus offers us. I'm happy to be part of the Beatitudes Mission team, bearing fruit together through this ministry. I pray that the Holy Spirit opens doors for people who need to encounter the joy of Jesus.

Sr. sarah

Intern Coordinator

Hi! My name is sister Sarah of the Annunciation. I am from France and have been in the community of the Beatitudes since 2008!  I moved to the Denver, CO house at the end of November 2021 and I am happy to serve and follow Jesus here in America! My task in Beatitudes Missions is to help form the daily life of the interns. My goal is to help them serve Jesus every day with joy, to grow in a spirit of faith, freedom, fraternity, and to serve Christ in their daily life.

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Avery Marshall


Howdy! I am a Texan and a recent convert, but most importantly a beloved disciple of Jesus. I graduated from Texas A&M in May and spent four months abroad with Fr. Anthony in France and Israel in the fall of 2021. I find great joy in hiking, crafting, and providential adventures. I will be serving Beatitudes Missions for the next few months in planning pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Lebanon while residing at the community house in Denver. My heart is continually being transformed by the simplicity and self-sacrifice of community life. My hope is to share the graces from my time abroad and grow in my new Catholic faith.

luke seicshnaydre

Missionary Intern

Whats up guys!  If you're wondering what in the world is that last name, you're not the first!  I'm a south Mississippi boy with roots in Louisiana, where Seicshnaydre is a common name!  I graduated from LSU this December (Geaux Tigers) and I am the newest recruit to the Beatitudes Missions team!  I enjoy anything that pushes myself to the limits, whether it's summiting Cotopaxi in Ecuador, sailing across the Gulf of Mexico, or evangelizing in the Amazon Jungle!  During my time at LSU I rediscovered my identity as a disciple of Jesus and since then my mission has been to share the gospel with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!  Currently my mission has landed me in Denver, CO living in the community house where I am assisting to plan and lead the next Israel trip!  As I take on this role and live in community my hope is to come to know Jesus more each day so I can share in his Abundant life!