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Colorado Retreats
and denver visits



7:15a Chanted Morning Prayer

8a Mass, then Confessions

5:15p Chanted Byzantine Vespers, potluck, Israeli dances


Holy Week or Triduum

Email us about it!

Backpacking Retreat

Camp, hike, pray, rought it, possible for anyone in good health and spirit!

Teachings based on the

Holy Land

Open Heaven  

July 4-7

Jesus Our Hope Cabins


Pikes Peak Climb

July 27-29

Long, high-altitude challenge!


Ask about staying with us in Denver for a weekend of your choice!


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Beautiful liturgy
authentic community
joyful Service

time for god

The spiritual weekend has times of liturgy, fraternal meals, silent prayer, manual service, a talk, and some recreation. Retreats usually share some of normal rhythm of Liturgy and life!

little triduum 

Each Thursday to Sunday, we follow the Paschal Mystery: Thursday night, we intercede with Christ in Gethsemane, Friday there is silence and fasting until our prayer meal that commemorates the Jewish Shabbat. Saturday is a time of praise, rest, and study. Saturday evening, we celebrate the Resurrection with Byzantine vespers, a festive meal, and Israeli dances. Sunday morning, we have Byzantine lauds, adoration, mass with the parish, and a community lunch.

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