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Is it I, Lord? 

1. You've begun desire consecrated life.

2. You seek to go deeper into prayer and Therese' Little Way of daily life and charity to prepare for a life of faithfulness and fruitful mission.

3. You want to broaden your experience of Catholic spiritual sources and Church reality beyond the States.  

4. You want to be sent and set aside with Jesus for a time.

Apply for the Immersion Scholarship!

Full scholarship for a 3-month formative immersion covers all costs except flights, for which you can fundraise. More on Immersion here.

Denver: two weeks orientation and one week of deibriefing,
with formation talks on Fr. Jacques Philippe's discernment principles

6 to 10 weeks abroad, usually in groups of 2-3 young Americans, 
immersed in the service, prayer, liturgy and meals with our community, along with pilgrimage, spiritual direction, formation talks, daily adoration and personal time, and at least one experience of another community 
Where? Let yourself be sent. Based on who you are and your preferences, and based on varying local situations, we'll discern, pray, and let you accept a destination like France (even Lisieux!), Lebanon, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, Peru, New Zealand...  

When? Sept-Dec, Jan-April, or end of May to mid-Aug


Step 1: : Apply

Click here. 

Step 2:

Email us to set up a Zoom interview. Write in the subject line Discernment Scholarship, include a photo, and pick a Scripture or saint quote that resonates with your call to discern consecrated life.

Step 3: Recommendation

A recommendation letter from one of our past participants, a priest, a missionary, or a campust minister. Share with them this link.

Step 4: Come on a retreat 

A weekend of retreat, fellowship, interviews and spiritual direction. We will cover half of your travel costs and retreat fee. Options and info here.

Step 5: Discern and Commit

We will send our response, and if we accept you, we'll propose a destination for you to discern. 


  • Normally for ages 19-26

  • Our immersion and pilgrimage participants have entered many dioceses, along with the Dominicans, Carmelites, Franciscans, Sisters of Life, Little Sister of the Lamb, Missionaries of the Word, Society of Our Lady and the Holy Trinity,  Apostles of the Interior Life, and two are finishing the Beatitudes novitiate!

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