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Student/Young adult
pilgrimage to ​Israel

March 21-31


Guide: Fr. Anthony Ariniello, CB

Community of the Beatitudes


Lekh-lekha! Go! Pilgrimage means laying all aside to walk together with Christ, living simply, and shining his light in encounters with the Jewish and Eastern roots of our faith, and with the variety of persons we’ll meet along the way. 


Info sessions 

Itinerary overview

Photos and descriptions of a previous trip

  • Flights to and from Tel Aviv: you book your own

    • March 21 depart from the States

    • March 22 arrive before 11a, we pick you up at the Tel Aviv airport

    • March 31 depart anytime between 12:30p and 11p 

  • Basics we’d never miss: 

    • Nazareth: Incarnation 

      • Fiat mihi

      • Dwelling in Him, and He in all things

    • Sea of Galilee: camping the shore with Jesus

      • Beatitudes: Face of Christ

      • Bread of Life, Trust in Providence

      • Follow Me/Do you love me?

    • Jordan Valley

      • Elijah, Elisha: Povery of Prophecy, Discipleship

      • Baptismal renewal immersing in the Jordan: Repentance and Abandonment

      • Jericho: Zachaeus, Walls

      • Floating in the Dead Sea

    • Bethlehem: enough said!

    • Jerusalem

      • Lodging at site of "Peter the Cock-crowing"

      • Jewish Western Wall, Temple

      • Divine Liturgy in Byzantine Melkite Cathedral

      • Mount of Olives, Gethsemane

      • Way of the Cross, Holy Sepulchre

      • Cenacle: Welcoming a New Pentecost

    • Road to Emmaus: Reflection, Transformation, Mission

  • Minor sites we’ll likely miss: Visitation, Tabor, Bethany, Caesarea, Jaffa, Hebron, Pig Cliff –you’ll have to come again!!!​​

  • Challenges

    • As many as 4 nights sleeping on thin mats, or on your nice inflatable mat

    • Discipline of quiet from ~9:30p to ~7a

    • Limited “free time”: there is quiet personal time in the morning and evening, but only an hour or two every couple days when you are just "free"

    • Service: each day, each person, a couple small moments of service, e.g., cooking, serving, dishes, song practice, carrying supplies, media​​


Costs and Timeline
  • $1850+airfare

  • $100 off if an accepted pilgrim says on their application that you told them about the trip

  • We can send you a fundraising letter

  • Apply  

  • We will respond with acceptance or not within 10 days. 

  • Once accepted, reserve your spot with an initial non-refundable fee/deposit of $50. $500 more due by Dec 28, $500 more by Jan 28, $500 Feb 28, and the remainder due the day of arrival in Israel (in cash). $25 fee for late payments.

  • Payments can be made through Venmo (preferable), Paypal, or check…see here. Also, here is our refund policy.

  • Cost covers most all meals except one in Israel; costs do not cover souvenirs or optional drinks, snacks and street food.

  • We suggest bringing $100-150 in dollars for souvenirs and food. We’ll limit souvenir shopping, but bring you to the two lowest-cost shops run by Egyptian monks and nuns  


trip extension to france

Would you like to continue your time of prayer, service, and pilgrimage after your time in Israel is over? There is opportunity to have a trip extension in France with the Community. There is no need to fill out another application, just mention your interest in a trip extension in your Israel application. 

The Community of the Beatitudes 

Born of the Charismatic renewal in France, Fr. Jacques Philippe was our first priest, but our founders were married couples! The Community of the Beatitudes founded houses in Jerusalem in ‘75 and Denver in ‘99. Our priests and nuns at Emmaus will welcome us, equip us, and help us judge and respond to any emergency situations. 


Spiritual Commitment
  • Daily Mass, morning offering, and night reflection or blessing

  • 30-60 minutes daily for personal prayer

  • Confession or spiritual direction available

  • Quiet time after night blessing

  • Keep the schedule and to communicate personal needs 

  • Media fast: keep your phone your pocket!

  • Dating fast: avoid pairing off. Those already dating see with the director 


  • We meet and drop off pilgrims at the airport

  • Spirit of pilgrimage, ready for difficulties and cultural encounters, sensitive to group needs and limits

  • Most outings will be required 

  • Between airport, cities, and Emmaus, we use a charter bus

  • Lots of walking



The pilgrimage is an encounter with Jesus, his People of the Jewish faith, the ancient eastern Christian traditions, and Muslim realities. Much of the Biblical teaching you will receive is in the context of question-and-answer and by engaging in the living reality of the Holy Land. Along the way, we take time to practice a bit of Hebrew language, as well as some Jewish and Byzantine music. It is a spiritual, human, and intellectual discipleship aimed at taking steps of discernment and preparation for the student’s unique call and path to a total self-gift to God and neighbor. The pilgrimage is experienced in a formative context of liturgical worship, community life, service, and cultural/ecumenical encounter. 


  • Nazareth: mats on floor of Anglican parish hall next to basilica of the Annunciation

  • Sea of Galilee: Capernaum beach camping

  • Jerusalem: Salesian convent, bunkbeds in dormitories

  • Community of the Beatitudes, Holy Site of Emmaus-Nicopolis, ​mats on floor inside the Community house 


  • I hope you like hummus! Sorry, not much meat.

  • Almost all meals are provided; we will do our best to meet dietary needs; some chances for a snack or a meal on your own budget. 

  • Breakfast is casual, but at lunch and dinner, we begin and end together with a blessing and thanksgiving. 


Emergency Contact 

Participants, parents, or other concerned parties can contact the following at any time:


  • Safety

  • The itinerary is physically and psychologically challenging.

  • Packing list includes compact sleeping bag and backpack that is 45-55L. We have a few of the above to lend, but not for an entire group. A detailed packing list will be provided upon acceptance.  

  • A mandatory preparation zoom, with a couple times

"typical" day

  • 6:15 Wake up call, breakfast

  • 7:30 Morning offering, teaching at lookout

  • 8:30 Depart on foot in small groups

  • 9 Quiet half-hour in Cathedral

  • 9:30 Byzantine Divine Liturgy

  • 11 Walk to Mount of Olives,

  • 12 Picnic at panorama

  • 13:30 Gethsemane, Way of the Cross

  • 16:30 Dinner prep

  • 18:30 Praise and Dinner with Jewish musician

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