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Welcome to students of Steubenville Gaming (Austria) and all others. Let's begin this Road to Emmaus today! Here are the next steps...

Preparation Checklist

this week
  1. COMMUNICATION: We’ll add you to a GroupMe to notify when we send emails, for deadline or date reminders, etc. Please only practical messages and responses. Please read carefully the webpage updates emails, either from beatitudesmissions@g or anthony.beatitudes@g (Fr. Anthony).

  2. PURCHASE FLIGHTS! The sooner you purchase, the lower the price.

    • Gaming students must book May 11, Ryanair 2:35p from Vienna, arriving in Tel Aviv 7p. 

    • Other pilgrims

      • May 10: depart from the States

      • May 11: arrive anytime before 5p

    • Tues May 23, depart anytime between 12:30p and 1a (Wed): Return from Tel Aviv to the USA

    • may arrive in Tel Aviv. DEPARTURES to the States for everyone are May 23 anytime after 12p, except for those coming to France with us for Pentecost!

    • Once you have purchased your departure flight to the US, please fill out this form. 

  3. BAGGAGE. Gaming students, you can ship your stuff from Gaming to the States or you can pay for the luggage on both flights and bring it to Israel. You'll store your bags at Emmaus upon arrival and pick it up when we sleep there the last night. It is up to you how much baggage to add. Put as many essentials as possible into your carry-on, in case the suitcase comes late! Checked baggage and carry-ons will both have a fee on the low-cost airlines. The cost will be the same when you book the ticket until a day before the flight, so it is ok to wait and add baggage once you know how much you need. 

  4. INSURANCE. Non-Gaming pilgrims, please purchase "Trip Protection" when you purchase your flight. Gaming students, your medical coverage is included under your Gaming coverage, so if you purchase flight insurance, this is mainly to change or reimburse your flight more easily if problems come up. In case of cancellation, Beatitudes Missions will refund for the trip according to the percentage on the policy listed on our site, however we will not refund your deposit or your flight.

  5. Once you purchase, please email to us a screenshot of your BOOKING, including the dates, times, and booking number. Rename the file "Flight YOUR NAME." Please also email us a photo of your PASSPORT, file labeled "ppt YOUR NAME."

  1. FUNDRAISING (optional): here are tips and the model of a letter you are welcome to send to friends and family. You can add your name to it, or ask us to do so and we’ll send you a pdf.  

  2. Mark your calendar to JOIN our preparation zooms: times TBA.​​

  3. Read through our Safety information & submit this SAFETY WAIVER.

  4. Gaming will be organizing transportation to and from Vienna, which may involve additional costs. ​Download the Maps.Me app on your phone, zoom in & download all maps in Israel, Lebanon, or France for offline navigation.

  5. Download WHATSAPP on your phone.

  6. PACK your bags following this guide. If you have a sleeping bag, please bring it. We'll survey you at the end of July to see who still wants to borrow an item from us. 

  7. Have this form downloaded on your phone for the passport control upon arrival in Tel Aviv. You probably will not need it.

  8. Check out the formation preparation buttons below!

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