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Bring the joy of the Gospel to young people! What a joy to be connect personally and effectively to help the decimated and struggling Catholic minority in the Middle East!
This year's appeal will also reach out to post-Christian Europe as it struggles through war and a the energy crisis, as well as the youth walking with our community in its poor neighborhood in Peru's capitol. We hope to raise at least $40,000 in gifts and pledges. If you know anyone who might give for the cause of solar panels, reach to them! The projects in both Israel and Lebanon will cost over $100,000.

Please consider a monthly tithe! Tithing is a way to give the Lord our first portion. Our bishops encourage us to give half our tithe to our parish and the other half to the charities we care about.

You can make donations specific to Emmaus, to Lebanon, to a specific young person, to our World Youth Day Fund, or to "all Beatitudes Missions projects." This year, you can also choose to support a Peruvian pilgrim's trip to World Youth Day in Portugal. Families in our parish in Lima make an average of $125 per month. The World Youth Day trip will cost around $2400, and they will pay $400. Consider sponsoring one of them in part or in full! 

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