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the community of the beatitudes

France, since 1973

Holy land, since 1975

Denver, since 1999


  • 2 priests and 1 religious brother

  • 5 religious sisters

  • 3 lay single women

  • a married couple


  • French

  • German

  • Israeli

  • Russian

  • Italian

  • American

  • Vietnamese

  • Mexican


  • Primary: French

  • Most know a lot of English

  • All try to learn Hebrew!



  • Building friendships with Israelis

  • Hosting/maintaining the Holy Site

  • Leading pilgrimages

  • Iconography 

  • Classes on Judaism for Catholics (see

  • Prison visits

  • Easter Monday 21-mile hike from Jerusalem/ Mass with the Bishop


Fr. Anthony


720.336.1492 (text only)


The Catholic Community of the Beatitudes was founded in France in 1973, and we have had a continuous presence and ministry in Israel since 1975. Here, we root our prayer for the Jewish People and for the Unity of Christians. 

The first house, next to the Old City in Jerusalem, was named Emmaus. 18 years later, we were entrusted with developing the Holy Site of Emmaus and assuring a presence that would bring daily Mass and Adoration to this place of the Breaking of the Bread. 

Holy Time 

Our community house, bungalows and grounds are surrounded by a National Park and large area of picnic sites full of Roman and Palestinian ruins, and we have access to the park through the gate of our large garden full of fruit and almond trees. It is peaceful, safe, and quiet, except for the nearby highway that runs between Jerusalem and the airport. The distance from towns and the proximity to the highway and the airport make for an ideal base of support in case a conflict breaks the peace. Our nearest neighbors are Trappist monks, a mile away.  

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