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 september Retreat

Formation & Scholarship

Prayer, Liturgy of the Hours, Confessions, Spiritual Direction, learn to celebrate Byzantine Eucharist, first steps of Hebrew language, and interviews!

COST: $150

  • What to bring: Bible, journal, hiking boots

  • Geared towards Israel formation; anyone may apply for the retreat even if they are seeking admittance or scholarship for France, Peru, Vietnam, or Lebanon, or even they are not discerning a trip at this time, but just want the spirituality!

  • If you attend a retreat and are accepted, get an automatic $150 scholarship. Full, half, and quarter scholarships will be offered case-by-case.

Denver: September 5-7


  • Sept 5: Begin with Lauds at St. Catherine's at 7:15am followed be picnic breakfast and Israeli dancing in a park downtown

(we can also accommodate Friday night arrivals OR Saturday afternoon arrivals)

  • Sept 7: Retreat ends after lunch at 12:30pm at Singin' River Ranch.

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