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Lourdes Jack

what to pack?

It's pilgrimage and not a vacation! We'll live simply, rely on those around us, and carry everything on our back.


  • Large Backpacking backpack 45-55 liters (examples in background)*

    • ​Best if small enough to fit in the carry-on compartment, especially if it has a frame: 22 x 18 x 10in. If you check it or a suitcase, 5% chance it arrives a couple days late and will be delivered to us.

    • Great if you have extra space (for group items and souvenirs

  • Day backpack​​ (example in below background)

    • This will be your “personal item” for the flight. 

    • Make sure it can fit in your large backpack for when we are carrying everything and hiking long ditsances.

    • If you check your big bag, pack in here 2 nights of clothing and small toiletries (no liquids over 3.4oz).

  • Misc. Items

    • Compact, lightweight sleeping bag (for summer trips, warm-weather bag; even just a liner is sufficient). 

    • Student ID card (discounts)

    • Pouch (around neck or money belt) for passport, cash, and ID

      • something for easy access while backpacking

      • a small crossbody purse works great for women, or fanny pack

    • Small Bible - RSV Catholic compact edition is a good size

    • Journal and/or pocket notepad

    • Pen, pencil

    • Lightweight personal book, preferably relating to the trip! Books/articles will also be available to borrow. 

    • Phone: we'll detach from devices most of the time, but it's good to have for airport pick-up, maps, emergencies, info, and telling the time.

      • please download WhatsApp before arrival

    • Sunglasses

    • Hat - baseball cap or other for sun protection

    • Water bottle (camelbacks are great too for the long hikes)

    • At least $50 spending money (cash)

      • Can venmo while abroad for any $ needs

      • Credit cards are helpful in a medical emergency 

  • Toiletries

    • Towel, small for camping/packing convenience

    • Small travel-size toiletries 

    • A bit of toilet paper in a ziplock or plastic bag to keep with you for hikes and in case public toilets are out of paper


  • Shoes

    • Active shoes (not boots, best to avoid white or loud colors)

      • we'll walk a lot and we'll be in church a lot!​

    • Sandals, if it's summer. 


openheaven-6 (1).jpg

Clothing note: we'll be able to do laundry every 3-6 days​

  • Women's clothing

    • 1 swimsuit: modest, one piece or preferably tankini (for bathroom/changing convenience)

    • Underwear for 5-6 days

    • 3-5 pairs of socks depending on how much you think you'll wear shoes or sandals

    • 1-2 pair of lightweight pants

    • 2 jacket/sweater/sweatshirt layers, rain is very rare from mid-May to the end of September

    • 1-2 pairs of shorts for sleeping, hiking, running, or beach (modest)

    • 2-3 light, active skirts or dresses (at least to the knees) 

      • bike shorts work great for under skirts

    • head scarf/shall if you want, for sun and to wear in church (it's rare for women to wear veils in church, except for in Byzantine churches, but you can if you want); if your dress has bare shoulders, you can cover them with a scarf

    • 7 shirts total

      • T-shirts only if they are dressy/plain, dry-fits are great!​​

      • 2 nicer blouses - for Friday Shabbat, feast days/Sunday


  • Men's clothing

    • 1 pair of swim trunks

    • Underwear for 5-6 days

    • 3-5 pairs of socks depending on how much you think you'll wear shoes or sandals

    • 3 pair of lightweight nice pants

    • 2 jacket/sweater/sweatshirt layers (3 for Nov-April); rain is rare from mid-May to the end of September

    • Shorts

      • 1 ​nice pair for hiking

      • 1-2 sporty for running/sleeping--we’ll be camping and bunking guys in relative proximity to girls. Please sleep in more than boxers!

    • 7 shirts total

      • Dry-fits are great!

      • T-shirts only if they are nice/plain and don't have large print. 

      • 3-4 lightweight nice shirts (polos, button ups), at least 2 of them white for serving Mass and for Friday night Shabbat.

        • For fall 4-months, guys bring at least 5 collared shirts. 

  • Bring if you have them

    • Head lamp/small flashlight

    • Plug converter: you can borrow one here, but you might want it for airports. 


  • NOT to bring

    • ​Large bottles of shampoo, lotion, etc.

    • Laptop (please ask first, ok to bring for immersion and internship)

    • Camera (please volunteer to bring a camera if you have a good one and some experience) - A few of us will take photos for everyone.

    • Hair Dryer/appliances

    • Low-cut collars, tank-tops

    • Lots of make-up

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