what to pack?

It's pilgrimage and not a vacation! We'll live simply, rely on those around us, and carry everything on our back.


  • Large Backpacking backpack 45-55 liters (examples in background)*

    • ​Best if small enough to fit in the carry-on compartment, especially if it has a frame: 22 x 18 x 10in. If you check it or a suitcase, 5% chance it arrives a couple days late and will be delivered to us.

    • Great if you have extra space (for group items and souvenirs)

    • If you bring a suitcase/luggage - you can transfer your stuff from/to your suitcases to the backpack at Emmaus at the beginning and end, but be prepared to carry it around town on airport days!

    • *can rent one from us for $12 for the trip and leave your suitcase at Emmaus if reserved ahead of time

  • Day backpack​​ (example in below background)

    • Not too small, since we'll be carrying songbooks, picnic items, etc.

    • This will be your “personal item” for the flight. 

    • If you check your big bag, pack in here 2 nights of clothing and small toiletries (no liquids over 3.4oz).

  • Misc. Items

    • Compact, lightweight sleeping bag (for summer trips, warm-weather bag; even just a liner is sufficient). It is possible to rent one from us for $7 if you reserve this ahead of time.

    • Student ID card (discounts)

    • Pouch (around neck or money belt) for passport, cash, and ID

      • something for easy access while backpacking

      • a small crossbody purse works great for women, or fanny pack

    • Small Bible - RSV Catholic compact edition is a good size

    • Journal and/or pocket notepad

    • Pen, pencil

    • Lightweight personal book, preferably relating to the trip! Books/articles will also be available to borrow.

    • Phone: we'll detach from devices most of the time, but it's good to have for airport pick-up, maps, emergencies, info, and telling the time.

      • please download maps.me Israel maps, whatsapp before arrival​

      • Please put Fr. Anthony's cellphone/Whatsapp number into your contacts: +(972)55.882.33.30. To call locally, drop the 972 and add a zero at the beginning.

      • Also put Br. Anton's, which is used for our Holy Site, Emmaus Nicopolis: (972)52.356.20.71. Call him if you cannot get a hold of me and it is urgent.

    • Sunglasses

    • Hat - baseball cap or other for sun protection

    • Water bottle (disposable one if you want, or you can grab one here)

    • At least $50 spending money (cash)

      • Can venmo Father while abroad for any $ needs

      • Credit/debit cards can be helpful but not necessary 

  • Toiletries

    • Towel, small for camping/packing convenience

    • Small travel-size toiletries

    • Small bottle of sun-screen or share ours

    • Small bug spray or share ours


  • Shoes

    • We'll walk as much as 5-8 miles per day, including hilly cobblestone streets, rocky hiking trails, a ½ mile walk through knee-deep water, communal showers (if you’re afraid of fungus), and attending church & synagogue services

    • Yes, some pilgrims have made it with one trusty pair of Chacos, but we recommend:

      • Sandals like Chacos, Tevas, or Birkenstocks that you can walk in

      • Hiking shoes (not boots or tennis shoes, not white or loud colors)

        • for around Emmaus and visiting churches, something that has good support for rocky trails, something to run in (the running trails in Ayalon park get a little rocky, too

      • Flip flops (for showers and beach)


Clothing note: we'll be able to do laundry every 3-6 days​

  • Women's clothing

    • 1 swimsuit: modest, one piece or preferably tankini (for bathroom/changing convenience)

    • Underwear for 5-6 days

    • 3-5 pairs of socks depending on how much you think you'll wear shoes or sandals

    • 1 pair of lightweight pants

    • 1 lightweight head scarf (for sun & Greek Orthodox churches...you can also buy one here)

    • 2 jacket/sweater/sweatshirt layers, rain is very rare from mid-May to the end of September

    • 1-2 pairs of shorts for sleeping, hiking, running, or beach (modest)

    • 3 skirts (at least to the knees) - we'll wear ​these most of the time

      • bike shorts work great for under skirts

    • 7 shirts total

      • T-shirts only if they are dressy/plain, dry-fits are great!​​

      • 2 nicer blouses - for Friday Shabbat, feast days/Sunday


  • Men's clothing

    • 1 pair of swim trunks

    • Underwear for 5-6 days

    • 3-5 pairs of socks depending on how much you think you'll wear shoes or sandals

    • 3 pair of lightweight nice pants

    • 2 jacket/sweater/sweatshirt layers (3 for Nov-April); rain is rare from mid-May to the end of September

    • Shorts

      • 1 ​nice pair for hiking

      • 1-2 sporty for running/sleeping--we’ll be camping and bunking guys in relative proximity to girls. Please sleep in more than boxers!

    • 7 shirts total

      • Dry-fits are great!

      • T-shirts only if they are nice/plain and don't have large print. 

      • 3-4 lightweight nice shirts (polos, button ups), at least 2 of them white for serving Mass and for Friday night Shabbat.

        • For fall 4-months, guys bring at least 5 collared shirts. 

  • Fall Immersion (Oct-Dec) only​​

    • Couple layers on top (2-3)

    • winter hat/headband

    • leggings or pants for under skirts

    • rain jacket

  • Bring if you have them

    • Hammock (for camping, only April-Oct). It is possible to rent one from us for $12 if reserved ahead of time

    • Head lamp/small flashlight

    • Mosquito net for camping (April to Oct)

    • Plug converter: you can borrow one here, but you might want it for airports. European ones work in Israel if you jam them in the socket; Israeli ones don't work in Europe.


  • NOT to bring

    • ​Large bottles of shampoo, lotion, etc.

    • Laptop (please ask first, ok to bring for the 4-month program)

    • Camera (please volunteer to bring a camera if you have a good one and some experience) - A few of us will take photos for everyone.

    • Hair Dryer/appliances

    • Low-cut collars, tank-tops

    • Lots of make-up

    • Shekels – you can use/exchange $ here for convenience, better rates

Quick question?

Text: 720.336.1492


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