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As we engage with the many distractions of daily life, let us structure our lives around what matters most: prayer. We invite you to make a new commitment with us...

Spiritual Commitment

  • Morning 30 minutes of Lectio Divina
    • with us or on your own
  • 30 minutes of silent prayer each day
    • on your own​
    • however you want!
  • 1 office ​of the Liturgy of the Hours (lauds, vespers, etc.)
  • 10 minute Bedtime Prayer:
    • Reflect on the graces and sins of the day, reciting the Sh'ma (Dt 6:4-7) and a Hail Mary
  • Monthly One-on-One
    • one of our interns (if you already have a spiritual director or prefer not to have spiritual direction)
  • Or Spiritual Direction with Fr. Anthony or another Community brother or sister
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