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Gifts, payments, sponsoring

Follow one of the options below after you complete this form to direct your gift: to "all projects,"  Emmaus, Lebanon, trip or internship payment, sponsor a staff member or pilgrim... You can also tell us your contact preferences and how we might thank you with a Mass intention.

(Preferred Method)

 Donate via this page of the CF website.

The Catholic Foundation giving works just like Paypal, with the options of one-time or recurring (monthly) gifts. On the CF website fill out your info, and on the question “Gift Designation,” select “Direct my gift to:” and use the drop-down menu and select Beatitudes Missions.

“Community of the Beatitudes” is also a choice, and those gifts will go exclusively to support the Denver house and its mission. It is not necessary to check the box “Yes this gift is made in honor of someone” unless you are sponsoring someone specific, which you can also mention on our Google form.


Checks to:

Beatitudes Missions

2924 W 43rd Ave. 

Denver, CO 80211

Unless it is a gift for "all BM projects," be sure to include on the memo line the reason for donation: Emmaus, Lebanon, Mass Intention, the name of the member, pilgrim or intern you are supporting, etc.


Name: @beatitudes
Indicate the reason for donation or the name of the pilgrim or intern you are supporting in the "What's it for?" box. If asked to verify with the last four digits of our phone number, it is 1492.  

paypal Recurring

Complete the following two steps to set up a recurring Paypal donation.

paypal one-time

Thank you for your Generosity!

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