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lima, peru


  • Spring Break or...     

  • Personal Immersion of up to three months, with dates you propose

Fundraising Goal:

  • One week: $275 + airfare

  • Extended stay: $75/week


  • Online guidance

  • Week or weekend in Denver before and after

Spirituality and Service


Join our brothers and sisters at their lively parish in an underprivileged neighborhood of Lima.

  • near the airport, the beach, and downtown

  • brothers and sisters will pick you up from the airport and escort your outings. 

  • fellowship with Peruvian youth

  • Spanish not required, but all the chances you want to practice it!

  • prayer and meals with the brothers and sisters

  • manual service on neighborhood housing, house chores, and youth outreach

Don't know how to pay? fMention on your application your need for scholarship!

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