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Prepare the way

Ready to embark on your adventure with Beatitudes Missions? Here is a step by step guide to help you prepare.

Preparation Checklist

  1. Apply 

  2. We might set up a Zoom interview or have you come meet us in person. Then we'll send an acceptance letter.

  3. Pay your $200 deposit to give your "yes" to the Lord and reserve your spot.

  4. Please look at our fundraising tips and let us know if you would like a fundraising letter to send, with a note of your own, to your contacts. 

  5. Attend any of the preparation zooms. Let us know if you are coming to the March for Life if you would like to meet up there. For those who will not have an in-person preparation time with us, you must attend at least two preparation zooms. 

  6. Continue payments as scheduled on the WYD page. For late payments, we'll charge $25, since we need to pay deposits for all our reservations!

  7. FLIGHTS: Once we and you have confirmed your itinerary option, look for flights and email us for suggestions and for approval. Flight departure dates are listed for your option on the main webpage. Flights should arrive in Europe a day later than your departure. Make sure your arrival time fits into the following time slots: May 25 7a-4p, July 6 7a-4p, July 13 6a-5p, July 18 7a-5p, July 27 6a-1p. For the return flight to the States, please try for departures midday to anytime in the evening. Avoid earlier than 10a.

  8. Purchase your flights, and the basic travel insurance offered with the ticket, or ask us to put you in touch with our agent to help you purchase insurance. Fill out your flight info here.

  9. Read through our Safety information & submit this safety waiver.

  10. Download the Maps.Me app on your phone, zoom in & download of places we will be for offline navigation.

  11. Make sure you have Whatsapp downloaded on your phone. We will add you to a group. 

  12. Pack your bags following this guide.

  13. Email/Whatsapp us at the airport if we are picking you up!

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