world youth day packing list 

  • 50-55 liter backpacking backpack 

    • Anything larger might not fit in the carry-on compartment, especially if it has a frame. 

    • Not necessarily full to begin with (We’ll have group items that people will need to carry, you’ll also want space for souvenirs)


  • Regular size day backpack 

    • This will be your “personal item” for the flight

    • Pack in here 2 nights of clothing and small toiletries (no liquids over 3.4oz)


  • Sleeping bag (very compact, lightweight, warm-weather)


  • Student ID card 

  • Pouch for passport, cash, and info card

  • Bible: that is small or one that is important to you

  • Journal and/or pocket notepad to jot vocab or personal notes during daily life, homilies, etc.

  • Folder and pen/pencil 

  • Personal books, preferably relating to the trip! Some books with also be available to borrow during the trip.


  • Wrist-watch if you are not bringing your phone (optional to bring your phone! Think about detaching from’ll thank me later. You’ll always be partnered with someone who has one for emergency purposes). 

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat 

  • Scarf for women, if you want

  • Water bottle (just a disposable one if you want)


  • Towel (not too big!) 

  • Small travel-size toiletries. All liquids must be in a transparent ziploc. Small soap in a plastic bag or travel box is also nice.

  • Small bottle of sun-screen

  • Nice if one or two of us brings bug spray


  • Shoes and sandals for: 

    • sometimes walking 5 miles per day! 

    • communal showers (if you’re afraid of fungus)

    • attending church services (leave the high-heels and loafers at home; sport shoes or sandals are ok, if they’re not too loud, gross, or blinking)

  • Therefore, we recommend one modest pair of shoes or hiking shoes (not white or loud colors) that are good for walking/hiking; and one pair of walking sandals (like Birkenstocks or Chacos).



  • Casual attire

    • 6-7 shirts or nice T-shirts

    • Light-weight pants (guys, 2 pair)

    • Skirts at least to the knees

    • Shorts

    • 2 layers - jacket/sweater/sweatshirt

    • Underwear for 5-6 days, a couple pairs of socks

  • Swimsuit

  • Rain jacket or poncho

  • Compact umbrella

  • Note: we’ll have access to washing machines every few days. 


NOT to bring:

  • Plug converter (you can borrow one)

  • Large bottles of shampoo, lotion, etc

  • Cell phone (optional to bring)

  • Laptop (there will be a computer sometimes available for limited use)

  • Camera (Please volunteer to bring a camera/Go-Pro if you have a good one and some experience. A few of us will take photos for everyone)

  • Breviary – no need, we'll have booklets

  • Hair Dryer

  • Low-cut collars, tank-tops

  • Euros – we will exchange money together, no need to do this ahead of time



Bring $50-$100 to have on you as you travel. Beyond this, pay us the sum of spending money you want to have along. We can keep an accounting of it, and can settle the leftovers once we are back in the U.S. In this way, we can avoid losing any money on exchanges or pick-pockets. 

Food will be covered by our budget, except for 6-8 meals ($100), depending on your airport layovers, and your need for snack stops. In general, we'll be living a spirit of poverty which will mean sometimes eating simply or giving up the chance to shop.