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world youth day packing list 

  • 50-55 liter backpacking backpack 

    • Not necessarily full to begin with (We’ll have group items that people will need to carry, you’ll also want space for souvenirs)


  • Regular size day backpack 

    • This will be your “personal item” for the flight

    • Pack in here 2 nights of clothing and small toiletries (no liquids over 3.4oz)


  • Sleeping bag (compact, lightweight)

  • Sleeping pad (if you have one)


  • Plug converter

  • Student ID card 

  • Pouch for passport, cash, and info card

  • Bible: that is small or one that is important to you

  • Journal and/or pocket notepad to jot vocab or personal notes during daily life, homilies, etc.

  • An American flag or your state's flag to carry with you

  • American postcards. It's customary to trade items with other pilgrims from around the world. 

  • Pen/pencil 

  • Personal book--just one!


  • Sunglasses

  • Hat 

  • Water bottle 


  • Small or compact towel 

  • Small travel-size toiletries. All liquids must be in a transparent ziploc. Small soap in a plastic bag or travel box is also nice.

  • Small bottle of sun-screen

  • Bug spray and anti-itch cream

  • Band-aids or moleskin for blisters


  • Shoes and sandals for: 

    • sometimes walking 5 miles per day! 

    • communal showers (if you’re afraid of fungus)

  • Therefore, we recommend one modest pair of shoes or hiking shoes (not white or loud colors) that are good for walking/hiking; and one pair of walking sandals (like Birkenstocks or Chacos).

  • Jar of peanut butter (unless you have an allergy). European peanut butter is expensive and hard to find. We want to provide everyone with an easy protein source.


  • Casual attire

    • 6-7 shirts or nice T-shirts (no tank tops)

    • Light-weight pants 

    • Skirts at least to the knees

    • Shorts at least to the knees

    • 2 layers - jacket/sweater/sweatshirt

    • Underwear for 5-6 days, a couple pairs of socks

  • Swimsuit

  • Rain jacket or poncho

  • Compact umbrella (optional)


NOT to bring:

  • Large bottles of shampoo, lotion, etc.

  • Camera (Please volunteer to bring a camera/Go-Pro if you have a good one and some experience. A few of us will take photos for everyone)

  • Hair Dryer

  • Low-cut collars, tank-tops

  • Laptop or other devices larger than your phone

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