(tentative) itinerary options

Depending on your experience, there are three possible itineraries to follow. Those who wish to spend additional time in Europe and fulfill more of a leadership role on the pilgrimage should prayerfully consider applying to the Service Team, which will have a separate itinerary. Other pilgrims can choose between joining "Flock A" or "Flock B" depending on which experience is preferable to you and your schedule. 

flock a itinerary (july 10 - august 10)

  • Walk from Toulouse airport to Blagnac community house, 2 nights

  • Walk to St. Thomas Aquinas' Tomb in Toulouse, train to Nay monastery

  • Service and Spirituality at Nay, at the foot of the Pyrenees, 4 nights

  • 10k walk to Betharram Shrine, camp

  • 8k walk to Sisters of Bethlehem, Vespers/Mass/Adoration with sisters, camp

  • 12k walk to Lourdes, Mass at Grotto, stay 3 nights in hostel

  • Bus to Portugal, beach day

  • Beatitudes Youth Festival or hiking the Camino in Portugal, 5 nights

  • WYD in Lisbon, 5 nights 

  • August 5-6? camp out with Pope Francis

  • 2 days/2 nights of debriefing in Lisbon or Fatima

  • Departures or optional service and spirituality for a week or two in France

flock b itinerary (july 24 - august 6) 

  1. Flock B will be chiefly organized by the Community's Denver House

  2. Pilgrims will meet in Denver, spend 1 day/2 nights in orientation, fly together

  3. Arrive 15 days before Pope Sunday at Beatitudes Open Heaven (July 24) 

  4. 12 days following the Beatitudes options in Portugal 

  5. Optional extension: 5 days in Rome with Fr. Nilson, a member of the Community 

service core itinerary (july 5 - august 13) 

  1. Service core members will arrive in Toulouse 35 days before Pope Sunday (July 2)

  2. Members will begin with 5 days of immersion in the community and final planning

  3. The Service core will consist of 12 young people or community members

  4. After group debriefing, the team will spend an extra 2 days to debrief in Toulouse