winter Pilgrimage

Christmas 2021 

Christmas in Bethlehem! Ten days to prepare our hearts and celebrate the Incarnation of our Lord. 


Dec 17 Depart from the States (you book your flight and are responsible for your travel)

Dec 18 We meet you at the airport, take care of necessary COVID tests, and bring you to Emmaus for Mass and  the night

Dec 19 Sunday: restful morning at Emmaus, drive to Galilee

Dec 20 Nazareth

Dec 21 Sea of Galilee

Dec 22 Jordan Valley, sleep in Jerusalem

Dec 23 Guided day in Jerusalem

Dec 24 Sleep in, walk to Emmaus, reflection time before 10pm Mass, and ride to Bethlehem for 3a Mass in Grotto; sleep in Bethlehem

Dec 25 Free day in Bethlehem

Dec 26 Guided day in Jerusalem

Dec 27 Covid tests, free day in Jerusalem 

Dec 28 Departures



  • Initial non-refundable fee/deposit: $300 (see Paypal, Venmo, and check options here); payment in full by Dec 1

  • Airfare which you book. You must check your itinerary with us before booking...perhaps $900

  • PCR test that you take care of 72 hours before travel

  • $1350+airfare for young men, 19-26 (lower fee helps keep the group balanced between men and women)

  • $1450+airfare for women 19-26 

  • $1650 for men 27-35

  • $1850 for women 27-35

  • No extra charge for sleeping in dormitories, possibly two nights on floor mats

  • $250 extra for shared double room

  • $450 extra for single room

  • $330 for half the time double, half the time single

  • Compare these prices with typical pilgrimages, around $5500!

  • Cost covers all necessities, including serological test upon arrival and PCR test before departure

  • Costs do not include souvenirs, optional snacks, street food, or beverages (sometimes snacks, drinks, even alcohol, will be on us!)

  • Costs do not include meals before you arrive in Israel or after you check in at the end

  • Costs do not include 5 meals that you are welcome to eat at restaurants or street vendors (may be possible to pack lunches for some of these from our food)

Who might be called to participate?

Pilgrims are normally ages 18-30. Older pilgrims are welcome to apply. All must...

  • be fully vaccinated according to Israeli standards: have their last (second or third) vaccination within the last 6 months before arrival in Israel

  • apply and be accepted

  • be ready to offer this time to Jesus Christ and to His Church;

  • be ready to study, hike, help with food chores, and pray