-Help host/lead groups of young people, e.g., liturgy, camping gear, organizing travel, handling money/accounting, Hebrew/French learning and translation, Jewish friendships, serving and singing for Byzantine Divine Liturgy, taking students to volunteer sites, networking with collaborators and other young people in Jerusalem
-Help leading others into on-site service: gardening, cleaning, cooking, manual maintenance and repairs
-Help with Holy Site: hospitality, shop, sacristy, meal service (encountering people from around the world as well as locals); manual maintenance, web development, accounting, graphic design for signs and pamphlets, text editing

Tasks while here, in transit, in the U.S., even residing in France:

-Recruiting/trip preparation: website/FB development, texting students, skype meetings/calls, work on songbooks and guidebooks, curriculum development, text editing; development (fundraising): newsletters and mailings, look for grants; accounting
-Possible trip leadership in France, Peru, or elsewhere
-Recruiting/preparation for World Youth Day 2021

Tasks while in the U.S.:

-Recruiting trips to post-grad/vocations fairs or student ministries or conferences like FOCUS, recruiting missions with me to campuses
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