in the face of the virus, our mission expands
In paranoiac times like these, the pertinence of our mission is clear: to transmit to young people, pilgrims, and our fellow inhabitants of the Holy Land a witness of prayer, commitment, faithful service, and trust in the Lord! When you give, here's what you support:

Every week, we continue on new projects to repair and develop the house plumbing (sinks for the sisters’ rooms and the sacristy!), install air conditioning in the chapel, to clean up damages of the trees that fell on walls and a chapel in a March storm, to repaint the iron stairways and gates (thanks Mark!)... Heavier projects were delayed because COVID prevented our workers from coming from Bethlehem. We arrange permits for them to cross the border, and it provides work for them that is more cost-effective for us. We’ve been able to move ahead now. 


The first project was to repair the century-old wall that fell in February that supported the gravel road leading up to the house. We didn’t have enough money to make it pretty, but now, at least, the wall and road are rebuilt. Now we’re moving ahead rebuild the fallen retaining wall behind the house and to dismantle our old workshop/storage shed to rebuild it to use for our washing and drying. 


The projects for which we are now trying to budget are, at Emmaus, bathrooms for the guestrooms, and with Beatitudes Missions, our summer ministry in Colorado... 

Also, many of you have heard about the recent explosion in Lebanon. Our community house there has a variety of roles including caring for trauma victims. In light of the current situation, their house is in great need of financial support. You can do this on our Give/Pay page

In faith, we continue to follow the Lord and to till the soil of the Holy Land and holy young hearts! For both BM and Emmaus, however, pilgrimages are our primary source of support, and the day when they’ll begin again is still out of sight. 


Please consider a one-time gift or, better yet, a small monthly tithe! To those who give or consider a gift, know that your support is vital and it makes possible so many daily acts of worship, charity, and witness here in the Holy Land and in the lives of so many young people!

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