in the face of the virus, our mission expands
In paranoiac times like these, the pertinence of our mission is clear: to transmit to young people, pilgrims, and our fellow inhabitants of the Holy Land a witness of prayer, commitment, faithful service, and trust in the Lord! When you give, here's what you support:
service on holy ground

As with most communities in the Holy Land, our main support is from the pilgrimages which have, for the moment, ceased. Mark and Taylor are interns here at Emmaus who continue to offer support both to Emmaus and to the Bet Rachel ministry to Christian migrant worker children.


We went through so many damages lately here at Emmaus: vandalism, burglary, storms and even old stone retaining walls simply crumbling down. Here are photos of a wall that crumbled and our Blessed Sacrament oratory that was crushed by on of 50 or so big furs that came down in a storm last week. These mean countless hours of clean-up, and tens of thousands of dollars that our community will budget. Beatitudes Missions offers the house financial contributions and service hours of our interns.

Live outreach online

We continue to budget financial support for Claire and Terra, our interns who are multiplying our online outreach to young people during this time when so many are cut off from their normal places and structures of fellowship and prayer. We were offering two groups skypes per week, and now we are offering 13! In addition, we are expanding our skype 1-on-1 discipleship and spiritual direction.


families in vietnam

We are also trying to help finance a well for the neighborhood in Vietnam where one of our sisters here at Emmaus comes from. Their water source just went bad and, our community in Vietnam has taken charge of the project. They need $6000 to build the new well, and they have already raised $3000.  


So many thanks! Send us your Mass intentions so we can offer you that token of thanks.  


Fr. Anthony of the Transfiguration, CB

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