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Paris olympics evangelization
lisieux-Family camp


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Spirituality and Mission

We'll shine a light as we travel and rough it! 
Lauds and Mass every day! Confessions or spiritual direction any day!

July 26-Aug 13

$1000 + airfare

-July 27-29 in Paris
Time with local young adults, evangelization,
free time, and pilgrimage!

-July 29-Aug 1 in Lisieux
-Aug 2-11 Family Camp service
-Aug 12 Team day
-Aug 13 Departures

Applications due April 16.
$100 off for applications sent by March 27!
When you receive your acceptance letter, you'll have a week to send a $100 deposit.
Trip limited to 13 pilgrims.
$400 due by April 20. Payment full June 30. 

*Includes airport transportation in Paris. All other expenses included except for 3 or 4 meals in your free time and during travel. It's formative! It's a mission! If you want, you can fundraise! ​
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