Dwelling in the Trinity

Home Retreats (online)

Options & Themes
  • May 5-8: Dwelling in the Trinity
  • May 12-15: Theology & Spirituality of Home
  • May 19-22: Mystical Home        in the Gospel of John
  • More to be announced!


  • 18-23 years old: $20 first retreat, $15 each after first, $5/week ongoing formation after (additional talks & sharing)
  • 24-27 years old: $25 first retreat, $15 second, $5/week ongoing formation
  • 28 & over: $40 first retreat, $50 second
  • If you have a summer trip deposit in: $10 first retreat, $5 each after, $5/week ongoing formation


Begins Tuesday evening at 8:45pm and concludes Friday at 1pm Central.
Consists of
  • Spiritual direction
  • A special series of zoom teachings
  • Consistent small group sharing
  • Prayer & reflection (on & off zoom)
  • Lectio on the teachings
  • Morning and night prayer
  • A zoom Mass from Emmaus
  • Taking on disciplines to create the ambiance of retreat life
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We'll run our retreats and formation as long as the virus confines us. "Dwelling in the Trinity" will be a Theological journey through Scripture, Mystical Prayer, Relationship, Marriage, Family, Home, Church, and Heaven! Each retreat will have 6 unique talks.
Questions? ask Dani!

Ongoing Formation:

Following your retreat(s), join us for ongoing formation! We'll meet weekly on Sundays at 1pm Central (link below) to receive further formation and resources and to share about integrating this Theology into your prayer and life. Let's walk together!