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mission France & 6-day walk from Fatima

1: july 5-aug 12

2: July 14-Aug 8

+airfare and travel insurance

Real Pilgrimage

- Commitment to daily Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, Adoration or silent time

 - As the YouCat says, pilgrimage is “praying with your feet”: up to 15 miles per day

 - Form relationships with foreigners in small-groups and in larger Beatitudes groups


- Evangelization in PARIS and LISBON and in transit

- Manual service for French youth camp

- Meal service during walks (sometimes skipping a half-day of the 6-day walk)


- July 5-8 flights (group 1), pilgrimage and evangelization in PARIS

- July 8-14 at countryside mission center: retreat, service for youth camp, organize service roles for hike

-July 15 flights (group 2)

- July 15-20 visit Toulouse (head of St. Thomas Aquinas and original Dominican convent) walk and train to LOURDES, day at shrine, join bus of international group of 200 walkers

- July 20-21 bus and half-day walk to FATIMA, day at shrine

- July 22-27 WALK on the WAY OF ST. LUCIA

- July 27-31 Beatitudes Praise Festival "Open Heaven"

- Aug 1-6 WYD Lisbon 

- Aug 8 departures from Toulouse (group 2)

- Aug 9-12 return to France and debriefing (group 1)

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