FP BS Reunion pilgrimage

July or December 2021? January or april 2022?

$1700-2100 + airfare

in our 25th reunion year,

what a great way to have quality time to catch up!

what a group of people to share the trip of a lifetime! 

  • 9-day basic trip, extra days optional
  • Prices vary according to room preferences, number of pilgrims, extra days, reservation possibilities
  • Limited spaces to 25 (most groups try for 50); preference to Dave and Sean/Bo's Bible Study guys; those who are in will decide whether and to whom we'd extend the group...keep it just guys? allow spouses or other women? 
  • All included except tips ($50?), extra booze, and 2 meals on your own budget
  • Fr. Tony is your guide, and hopes to have along 1 intern for support with food, etc. We love to hike, to swim, to encounter locals, to allow time for prayer and reflection, and to keep it simple for accommodations and food 
  • Scripture sharing, praise, and prayer times led by Fr. Tony and those who want to organize together beforehand or sometimes on the spot; he'll celebrate Mass a couple times, and all are free to join; at least 30 min silent quiet time on a holy site each day
  • We'll meet you at the Tel Aviv airport
  • All expenses patronize local small businesses
  • Any proceeds will go to our mission of sustaining a Christian presence in the middle East and bringing college students here for formation and service (see video below)


    • Walk 40 min in running spring water through Hezekiah's tunnel to the pool of Siloam

    • Explore the tunnels and ruins of the Temple
    • Shabbat Jewish praise at a synagogue, dinner in Jewish families

    • Talk, sharing with a Jewish author and friend

    • Bar Mitsva celebration at the Western Wall

    • Way of the Cross/Holy Sepulchre

    • Visit the church and meet the bishop of local Arabic Christians


    • The hometown of Jesus in Nazareth

    • Hike up the Mount of the Beatitudes and pray in the cave of Jesus' solitude
    • Walk 5k along the shores from the site of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes to Capernaum
    • Hike up to Christ's Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor


    • Cave of Christ's birth in Bethlehem

    • Walk/swim on the shores of the Mediterranean at the huge Roman ruins of Caesarea

    • Float in the Dead Sea

    • Renew your baptismal promises at the Jordan River

    • Hike the Road to Emmaus

    • Visit the Mosque, Synagogue, and Tombs of Abraham & Sarah, Isaac & Rebecca, and Jacob & Leah in Hebron

Quick question?

Text: 720.336.1492


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