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bridget ellis

Hello! My name is Bridget Ellis! I am 19 years old and I am from Green Bay, Wisconsin. The oldest of 6 children, I have grown up in a large, traditional, Roman Catholic family. With over 80 first cousins, almost all living within 30 minutes of each other, family gatherings have always been a blast. I recently concluded my summer serving as summer staff at Catholic Youth Expeditions, joining 14 other young adults to lead various "expeditions": 4 high school, 3 young adult, 1 middle school, and 1 family. We also worked on our own spiritual lives through daily mass, adoration, and formation. I am looking forward to getting back into community life and I am so excited for the amazing pilgrimages that we will be doing in the Holy Land!

Joseph gruber

My name is Joseph Gruber and I am 19 years old, from the Boulder area. I completed the first semester of my freshman year at CU Boulder last Fall, and am in the middle of a gap year. My family converted (reconversion for my dad) to Roman Catholicism around the time I was born, and that had the effect of growing up and learning the faith with my mother, rather than just being taught. I signed onto the Immersion trip at the beginning of July 2018, and now here I am!

margaret liberatore

Hello! My name is Margaret and I am from Mentor, Ohio and I graduated from Walsh University with a degree in nursing and a minor in psychology. I aspire to be a neonatal intensive care nurse. I enjoy reading and partaking in any outdoor activity, especially running. I met The Beatitudes at SLS 2018.  I am looking forward to camping on the shores of Galilee, living in a small community, and seeing where the Lord will take each of us.

steve heine

Hello! My name is Steve Heine, I am from south of St. Louis, Missouri. This past year I was at Southeast Missouri State University for my freshman year with the Air Force ROTC program. After getting involved with FOCUS, and plenty of pushes from the Holy Spirit, I have since dropped the ROTC program and started discerning the priesthood. I met Father Anthony at the SLS FOCUS conference in January, and he contacted me this July to invite me on the Fall pilgrimage. As of now I don’t really have any life plans but following Jesus wherever he takes me!

sydnie kroneberger

Hi my name is Sydnie Kroneberger and I grew up in Winter Park Colorado and just graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Landscape Architecture. I love the outdoors, all things art and design, and spending time with my friends and family. I am most excited to go and meet Jesus in the place He became man. You really get to know a friend you visit their hometown and experience the places that shaped them, and I know that this opportunity with Christ will do the same in deepening our relationship.

karalyn finnell

Hello! My name is Karalyn Finnell and I am originally from Oklahoma City. I graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a degree in Contemporary Vocal Performance. My second language (until I learn Hebrew) is beatboxing, and I love songwriting with guitar in-hand. Since graduation in 2015, Jesus has continued to take me on a wild adventure in His school of holy surrender. I have served with Totus Tuus, Catholic Youth Expeditions, and discerned with the Sisters of Life in the Bronx, as well as lived in Israel and Southern France with the Community of the Beatitudes. I feel so blessed that God has called me to be back in Israel this fall, and I am looking forward to continuing to follow HIs Will in the Holy Land He walked. 

mattie follen

Hello, everyone! My name is Mattie. I am from Wisconsin, and currently discerning my vocation. I love photography, hiking, and studying scripture. I recently came home from living in Africa on mission, and realized immediately that the Lord has placed the calling of overseas missions in my heart. I actually became Catholic about two years ago on my 18th birthday! It has been the best decision and transformation of my life. I am eager to walk and follow the steps that our Lord once took, immerse myself in a new culture, and begin the next chapter of life. I have learned to truly say yes to the Lord’s calling in my heart, and I am really focusing on submitting my life for His purpose.

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