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the community of the beatitudes

Denver, since 1999

Come and see​

May 27-29


August 4-6: Pikes Peak Ascent with the Community of the Beatitudes.



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Praise, silence, and Service

with the Beatitudes 


The spiritual weekend has times of liturgy, fraternal meals, silent prayer, manual service, a talk, and some recreation. 

Holy Time 

Each Thursday to Sunday, we celebrate a "Little Triduum." Thursday night, we intercede with Christ in Gethsemane, Friday there is silence and fasting until our prayer meal that commemorates the Jewish Shabbat. Saturday is a time of praise, rest, and study. Saturday evening, we celebrate the Resurrection with Byzantine vespers, a festive meal, and Israeli dances. Sunday morning, we have Byzantine lauds, adoration, mass with the parish, and a community lunch.

Holy Space 

At the heart of Catherine of Siena Parish lies the praise and community life of our brothers and sisters. There is a household of four priests, a household of three sisters, and guest rooms where our young candidates live. Our lay families live nearby. Most of the convent building serves as space that is common to all our members. We also take advantage of our parish, which has a church, a Marian grotto, and an adoration chapel that are unique, beautiful, and prayerful!

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