is this trip for me?

july-august 2023

Real Pilgrimage

- Pilgrims have a commitment to daily Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, Adoration         or silent time

 - The Beatitudes has led a group to every WYD since it began with JPII in           1985.

 - As the YouCat says, pilgrimage is “praying with your feet”

 - Small-groups will share daily and travel/immerse at times apart from the           larger group

Long- 1 month+

  - Orientation, 2-day walk to Lourdes

  - 12 days pilgrimage and mission in small groups

  - 12 days in Portugal with Beatitudes groups from around the world

  - 3 days debriefing and celebrating!

  - Everyone comes for at least a month


  $2650+airfare depending on the pilgrimage experience

  - early-bird discounts 

  - scholarship for each prep session you attend


Your age

  - College and recent grads

  - All pilgrims should have a desire for spirituality, service, and encounter with      religious orders 


 -Walk alongside other Beatitudes pilgrims from: 

  France, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Peru, Poland, Lebanon, Ivory Coast…

 -Multi-lingual liturgies, language lessons