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July 19-21

  • Location: TBA

  • Upon your application, we will send you more retreat information.

BEatitudes Weekend

Grand Rapids, MI

Weekend Schedule

Friday, July 19: ​​

  • 5:30 Mass

  • 6:30 Sabbath short talk

  • 7:00 Sabbath songs and thanksgiving prayers, blessing with bread and wine 

  • 10p Night Blessing

Saturday, July 20: 

  • 10:30a chanted Morning Prayer (church)

  • 11 Talk (church), reflection questions given at the end Liturgy Invites Me to Trust (Sr. Agnes)

  • 11:45 break

  • 12:15p Mass

  • 1p Adoration/Lunch in silence

  • 1:30-3 confession/spiritual direction slots

  • 3p sharing groups

  • 3:45 break, snack

  • 4p Testimonies/song

  • 4:30 Talk Trust and Surrender with St. Therese (Sr. Sarah)

  • 5:15p Break

  • 6:30 Byzantine Vespers

  • 7:30p Dinner

  • 8p Israeli dances

  • 9:30p Sharing, Night Blessing

Sunday, July 21:​​

  • 9:45a Chanted Lauds 

  • 10:30 Mass

  • 11:30 Adoration (RCIA talk)

  • 12:30 Closing Talk

ready to say yes?

COST: $150 for the full weekend, including lodging and food

Just Friday evening: $10

Just Saturday retreat: $40

Make an initial $25 deposit before May 1st and you will receive an automatic $50 discount, and a $25 discount when you make a deposit before June 1st!

  • What to bring: Bible, journal, writing utensils, sleeping bag

  • Open application:  anyone may apply for the retreat, especially if they are seeking admittance or scholarship for France, Israel, Peru, or Lebanon, or even they are not discerning a trip at this time, but just want the spirituality!

  • If you are unable to participate in the entire weekend, please indicate that in your application and we will discuss pricing. 

  • If you are a tithing member of our Sources Discipleship program, this retreat is free of charge for both you and a friend. 

Can't Join us for the whole weekend?

Come for Friday Shabbat

Join for 6pm vespers and dinner on Saturday

Come say hi to us after 10:30am Mass on Sunday

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