Colorado Summer Experience

Although travel restrictions are causing us to change our plans this summer, we invite you to set time aside for the Lord and join us in Colorado! Come to Denver for a week-long camping trip with Beatitudes Missions. 

Camping Trip



Week-long camping trip including prayer, Mass, Byzantine Divine Liturgy, adoration, talks, sharing, light hikes, visit to historic mountain church and town, Israeli dance lessons, and Shabbat prayer meal.



July 15-22 



One night at a host home or motel, and five nights camping.

What to bring?


Hiking boots that you are used to, 45-60L backpack with extra room for food, compact, lightweight sleeping bag, lightweight tent if you have one (let us know soon!), sleeping pad if you have one.



$300 + transportation to Colorado

This covers all transportation, lodging, and meals during the trip.

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