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BEatitudes Weekend

Lawrence, KS 

January 26 - 28

  • Location: Saint Lawrence Catholic Campus Center ( 1631 Crescent Rd, Lawrence, KS 66044)

  • Upon your application, we will send you more retreat information.

Weekend Schedule

Friday ​​

  • 7:30p Talk: Holy Rest: the Jewish Roots of the Lord’s Day (Sr. Agnes) 

  • 8p Sabbath prayers, wine (and juice) and cheese, dessert (Fr. Anthony)

  • 9-9:45p Introductions, Night Blessing


  • 10a Chanted Lauds

  • 10:45 Intro and talk, Beauty Invites Me to Trust (Sr. Agnes)

  • 11:30a Adoration/confession/spiritual direction 

  • 12p Talk Trust and Surrender with St. Therese (Sr. Sarah)

  • 12:30p Lunch in silence

  • 1:15 Israel Pilgrimage Testimonies 

  • 1:45 Dance lessons

  • 2:15 sharing groups

  • 3p Closing talk/introduction to vespers (Fr. Anthony)

  • 3:45 snack

  • 4p adoration/confessions/spiritual direction

  • 5p Mass

  • 6pm Chanted vespers 

  • 7:30 dinner

  • 8:45 Israeli dance lessons

  • 10p Night Blessing


  • 8:30 Quiet prayer and adoration in basement, confessions available, coffee and breakfast available in basement

  • 9:30a Chanted Lauds in basement

  • 10a Final word

  • 11a Mass 

  • 12:30p Lunch

Can't Join us for the whole weekend?

Come for Friday Shabbat

Join for 6pm Vespers and dinner on Saturday

Come say hi to us after 10:30am Mass on Sunday

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